donderdag 24 juni 2010

Ciao Italia! Ciao Milano e Firenze!

Exact one month from now i'm on my way to Italia.
First time EVER in Italia!
The reason of going to Italia is Music, and to meet Aurora again.
It's been a 1.5 year since the last AND first time we've met.
I got to meet Aurora thanx to this one musician, Mike Patton.
It's also his music that's going to bring us together again, in Italia.
Many people know i would love to visit Italia and many think that is the reason I choose to see Mondo Cane there, but that is not really the reason of why i'm going there, the main reason is to meet Aurii again.
We want to meet up for sooo long and since Mondo Cane will play in Italia i knew Aurii would be there, so, Italia, here i come!

We will be attending the Italian Mondo Cane tourdates, Milano and Firenze.

4/5 days of Italia, can't be that bad, huh?
Aurii did warn me for the extreme heat of Italia. I hope my Dutch ass can handle it....

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Aurii e Sannii @ ATP 2008.

maandag 21 juni 2010

Mike Patton @ Holland Festival, Amsterdam.

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Laborintus II:

Friday 18 june, Mike Patton flew specialy over to Amsterdam to perform at Holland Festival.He was going to perform Laborintus II with Nederlands Kamerkoor and later on a Jazz Improv set with Ictus Ensemble musicians.Laborintus II is a music piece by Luciano Berio.

If you went to this show without hearing Laborintus II before, you might got confused a bit due the fact many things we're going on on stage.But you wouldnt expect anything else if you attended the show as a Patton Fan.I listened to Laborintus II before and was in love with the female voices from the start.To give you an idea what the performance was like:Laborintus II is like a Dramatic Opera but without the actors.When there are no actors and your Italian is total crap (there were things said in english) your imagination and emotions could go anywhere from dramatic to "wild".

Mike Patton's part of this performance was a "story teller".he started by talking "slow" somewhere during the show he started shouting in his magephone. He ended his part by talking towards the audience in a "they lived happily ever after" feeling but i'm pretty sure that was not what he was saying.

After this performance (wich i think was about 40/45 min) there was a 15 min break, free drinks.After the break Patton would return to the stage doing something he probably enjoys doing the most, jazz improv with sound effects.He performed together with I.C.P musicians: Han Bemmink (drummer), Ab Baars (Horns), Guus Jansen (piano), Mary Oliver (violin) and Michael Moore (Horns).

The Vita Nouva Sessions:
This set was crazy, each musician was playing his own music part.One of the funny moments during this set was when Han Bemmink was "spanking" his drumset with a towel, to me, he was the man of the show.Encore came unexpected due that the the violin player, Mary Oliver, walked out too early on stage and the crowed cheered for more so she made signs to the guys to come back out, and they did.Mary started with a "solo" and after a while she looked at the guys to see what they were doing and they laughed and all joined in.I think this set lasted for about 45 min.

The night ended with a dj set, music inspired by Italian B movies.
On the screen you could watch a movie, no idea what the movie was called.The crowed was "mixed" you had people attending 'cause they we're familiar with Berio's music and than you had the Patton Fans.Patton fans we're not only from Holland, some flew over from wherever in Europe.
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Was nice too see Virginia, Carole, Emil and Christine again. Have not seen Virginia and Christine since ATP 2008. And the last time I met Emil and Carole was @ Rock en Seine, Paris (2009).
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woensdag 26 augustus 2009



Faith No More: 1989 - Press Release The Real Thing (interviews with band members)
Faith No More: 1989 march 12 - Bogarts Club, San Fran ( First gig with Patton)
Faith No More: 1989 sept 16 - Amphitheatre, Sacramento

Faith No More: 1990 sept 25 - Hampton, VA @ Sniper
Faith No More: 1990 sept 30 - Sun Dome, Tampa Florida
Faith No More: 1990 ? Miami - (opening for Billy Idol)
Faith No More: 1990 nov 9 - Palladium, Hollywood, Cal (pro shot+ audience shot and band interview)
Faith No More: 1990 oct 22 - Oakland Cal
Faith No More: 1990 june 30 - Roskilde Fest
Faith No More: 1990/08/10 - The Palace, Melbourne, Australia
Faith No More: 1990/03/17 - L'Amours, Brooklyn, New York
Faith No More: 1990 june 24 - Parkpop, Den Haag, Holland
Faith No More: 1990 feb 13 - Dynamo Club, Eindhoven, Holland

Faith NO More: 1991 sept 14 - Brazil (pro shot + int with Patton)
Faith No More: 1991 sept 14 - Olympia Sao Paulo, Brazil (pro shot)
Faith No More: Rock In Rio - (FNM Bungee jumping + many more bands)

Faith No More: 1992 sept 18 - St Louis, American Theatre
Faith No More: 1992 nov 17 - Germany
Faith No More: 1992 june 25 - Roskilde Fest, Denmark
Faith No More: 1992 nov 19 - Koblenz, Germany
Faith No More: 1992 nov 26 - Brixton, London
Faith No More: 1992 oct 31 - Stockholm, Sweden
Faith No More: 1992 aug 19 - Warfield, San Francisco
Faith No More: 1992 dec 18 - Carisport, Cesena, Italy
Faith No More: 1992 - Making Of Angel Dust, Unaired MTV Sessions (3 DVD)
Faith No More: 1992 july 23 - Milwaukee, WI, USA
Faith No More: 1992 june 22 - Paradiso, Amsterdam


Faith No More: 1993 - Phoenix Fest
Faith No More: 1993 may 13 - Townhall, Wellington, New Zealand
Faith No More: 1993 june 04 - Berlin Rocks Festival
Faith No More: 1993 may 16 - Christchurch, New Zealand


Faith No More: 1995 march 13 - The Forum, London, Uk
Faith No More: 1995 june 29 - Fest Israel
Faith No More: 1995 Phoenix Fest
Faith No More: 1995 june 04 - Olympia Stadium, Munich, Germany
Faith No More: 1995 june 09 - Sonoria Fest, Milan, Italy
Faith No More: 1995 - Monsters Of Rock Fest


Faith No More: 1997 april 28 - Stockholm, Sweden
Faith No More: 1997 aug 16 - Bizarre Fest, Cologne, Germany
Faith No More: 1997 july 20 - Phoenix Fest
Faith No More: 1997 - TMF Interview, Holland


Faith No More: 1998 april 04 - Esparrago Spain


Faith No More: 2009 Download Fest (audience shot)
Faith No More: 2009 june 20 - Hurricane Fest, Germany (pro shot)
Faith No More: 2009 august 28 - Reading Fest, England (pro shot)
Faith No More: 2009 august 23 - Area 4 Fest, Germany (pro shot)
Faith No More: 2009 july 3 - Roskilde Fest
Faith No More: 2009 august 15 - Bucharest, Romania
Faith No More: 2009 october 30 - Santiago, Chile (Pro shot)

Mr. Bungle:

1985 - 1990

Mr. Bungle: 1987/30/03 - Toppers, Arcata

1991- 1992:

Mr. Bungle: 1991/1/5 - Cattle Club, Sacramento, Cal
Mr. Bungle: 1991/10/1 - Club Lingerie


Mr. Bungle: 1995 dec 18 - Fillmore, San Francisco

1999- 2000:

Mr. Bungle: 1999 nov 23 - House Of Blues (part 1 & 2)
Mr. Bungle: 2000 aug 17 - Frankfurt, Germany
Mr. Bungle: Bizarre Fest, Germany (incl Fantomas @ Viva tv)
Mr. Bungle: 2000 aug 30 - Malmo, Sweden
Mr. Bungle: 2000 aug 22 - Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
Mr. Bungle: 2000 sept 8 - Astoria, London


* means on one disc

* Fantomas: 2000 july 28 - London
* Fantomas: 2000 july 1 - Beach Bum Fest, Italy
* Fantomas: 2000 july 8 - Ilaasrock, Finland
Fantomas: 2005 june 28 - Bergamo, Italy
Fantomas: 2005 june 28 Bergamo Italy + Brazil Interview
Fantomas: 2005 july 14 - Montreux Jazz Fest (pro Shot)
Fantomas: Viva Tv
Fantomas: 04/07/04 - Philly
Fantomas: 04/09/05 - Philly
Fantomas: 2009 Big Day Out (pro shot)

Peeping Tom:

* means on one disc

* Peeping Tom 2006 sept 13 - Jone's Beach, NYC
* Peeping Tom 2006 sept 18 - Madison Square Garden, NYC
* Peeping Tom 2006 sept 19 - Madison Square Garden, NYC
Peeping Tom: 2006 july 14 - Dour Fest, Belgium


Tomahawk: 2001 nov 10 - @ Trees, Dallas, Texas
Tomahawk: 2003 july 20 - Portugal
Tomahawk: 2003 Live on SOL

Mondo Cane:

Mondo Cane: 2007 may 24 - Teatro Rossini, Italy

Misc Patton:

The Young Gods: live @ montreaux jazz festival 2005, Patton feats on one song
Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton @ GAMH 2002, San Francisco
Lovage: Much Music, MTV. (interview with the band + clips of concert)

maandag 24 augustus 2009

Secret Chiefs, Secret Song....

I've seen Secret Chiefs 3 4 times live now and they always play this one song wich i LUV so fucking much and i cant find it on any of my SC3 cd's..... well i've been told by Jai Young Kim they NEVER released it..... GEESUS!

Song is called "Bereshith"


Faith No More Berlin 16-06-09

Dus, after seeing Faith No More for the first time i just could not believe i saw them LIVE....and still can't.
After the Berlin show it just seemed so "unreal" that i just watched one of my all time favourite bands LIVE! Of course i've seen a fuckload of bootlegs but to actually see them live LIVE..... nope, never thought that would happen.

First time i heard about the reunion was when aurora contacted me and she was not able to comunicate and she was just so hyper i got hyper too in a aggressive way like TELL ME!!!!! and she just sended me the link to rock a rolla website and there was just posted that Faith No More was going to reunite for a series of dates. I started screaming like crazy, CRAZY crazy.

Then Tourdates started popping up and one of the first few solo shows was in Berlin and since Brixton was sold out i thought "ok, im gonna make an exeption for FNM..... Im going to Germany"

I dont even want to mention it brought tears to my eyes..... oh i just did.

June 16 2009 was FAITH NO MORE DAY, I was going to meet up with people in Berlin who i know for years virtualy but never actually met in 3D.
After meeting them i was highly dissapointed, JUST KIDDING!

At the venue i met some other crazy nice people from all over Europe, even a girl that flew over from Russia with NO ticket. We told her that FNM was going to play in Russia a week later wich she simply replied " I have vacation now"..... AWESUMO!

When the gates went open we all ran like crazy motherfuckers and fuck yeah i got front row! I met Paulina from Poland (nice girl) and we just started talking as if we knew eachother for years, crazy!

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Opening acts were Farmers Maret and ZU! mighty Mickey it was GOOD!

THEN FAITH NO MORE, when reunited started the tears were fighting their way out and fuck a duck Patton's voice made it even worse! I was crying like a baby.
When The Real Thing started me and Paulina looked at eachoter and both said "ohhhh SHIT!!" and what happened after that, i cant really remember since the show totally sucked me up and what was happening around didnt matter at that time.

Berlin Setlist:

The Real Thing
From Out Of Nowhere
Land Of Sunshine
Evidence (in Spanish)
Poker Face/Chinese Arithmetic
Surprise! You’re Dead!
Ashes to Ashes
Midlife Crisis
Introduce Yourself
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
I Started a Joke
King for a Day
Cuckoo for Caca
Be Aggressive
Mark Bowen
Chariots of Fire/Stripsearch
We Care A Lot

After the show i met up with Petra and Lukas again and we were all just so happy and hyper

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Something to Never Forget =)



woensdag 22 april 2009


June 12: Faith No More - Download Festival, Donnington Park England

Jun 13: Faith No More - Greenfield Festival, Interlaken Switzerland

Jun 14: Faith No More - Rock in Idro, Milan, Italy

Jun 16: Faith No More - Kindl-Buehne Wuhlheide, Berlin, Germany

19 June: Faith No More - Nova Rock Festival, Austria

20 June: Faith No More - Hurricane Festival, Schee├čel, Eichenring Germany

21 June: Faith No More - Southside Festival, Neuhausen ob Eck, Tuttlingen, Germany

Jun 24: Faith No More - Kaisaniemi Park, Helsinki, Finland

June 25: Faith No More - Hove Festival, Arendal, Norway

Jun 27: Faith No More - Peace & Love Festival, Borlange, Sweden

Aug 20: Faith No More - Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium

Aug 22: Faith No More - Highfield Festival, Germany

Aug 23: Faith No More - Area 4 Festival, Germany

Aug 29: Faith No More - Rock en Seine, Paris, France